5 ways to maximize your off-season


We’re already on the downhill slide to the end of the year: can you believe that 2020 is nearly over? What an incredibly challenging one it’s been. 2020 has certainly given us a renewed appreciation of our health and all our bodies are capable of when we look after them. The December holidays are going to feel a bit different this year as we wear masks and socially distance to protect ourselves, and vulnerable loved ones. It’s also a time that we often take a step back from competition and participation in sport. But instead of seeing this season as a respite from regular training, why not use the opportunity to rehabilitate?

Putting in the extra effort during this downtime can really help to set the stage for your goals for 2021. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just a weekend warrior who trains for sanity and shape’s sake, it takes a team to keep your body in good working order. And our team of sports physiotherapists would love to partner with you in keeping you strong and injury free in 2021 and to help you achieve your New Year’s goals.

We’ve put together a list of five ways that you can use this downtime to set yourself up for 2021 with HG Physio.

#1 Physiotherapy

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Take advantage of the time off competitive training to finally address those aches and pains you’ve been ignoring. Catching niggles early is the most cost-effective and efficient way of avoiding more serious injury down the line, which could otherwise result in injury time-outs. A few physiotherapy treatments this December could be an important investment in your health, wellness, and success in your chosen discipline in the year to come.

#2 Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a great tool that can be used to soothe sore muscles, increase local circulation, loosen muscle spasms and reduce local inflammatory responses (Davis et al, 2020). Standley et el (2010) found massage to be associated with statistically significant improvements in flexibility and delayed onset muscle soreness. It’s the perfect opportunity to get some deep tissue work done.

#3 Rehab

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The goal of any rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form and function, so why not team-up with one of our HG sports physios this December to address injury through an individualized strength and conditioning program? Such a personalized program would give you the one-on-one therapy needed to ensure you’re in peak performance condition in 2021.

#4 Pre-hab

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We at Hg Physio are big believers that prevention is better than cure. Why not use the time off work to book an appointment with us for a sport screening to identify any weaknesses or muscle imbalances that could predispose you to injury? Your physio will then put together a unique program with corrective exercises to improve your performance and make you more resistant to injury in season. The holiday period is the ideal time to push your strength work when it won’t disadvantage your performance to feel stiff and as you build more muscle.

# 6 Prevent surgery after sports injuries

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Finally, if you are nursing an injury that you are worried may need surgical intervention, take advantage of the downtime for conservative treatment. Whether you are contemplating rotator cuff surgery, a knee scope or intervention for back pain, there is strong evidence to suggest that conservative treatment can effectively manage your symptoms.

We will be sharing more on social media over the next few weeks and introducing you to some of the faces in the HG Physio team. Follow along on Instagram or Facebook to hear directly from some of our out-patient physiotherapists with a special interest, and further post-graduate training, in sports physiotherapy.

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