5 Ways Physio can help with your injury recovery

Sports Injury Recovery Physio Durban

We’ve all been held back at some point in life by an injury or pain that can sometimes prevent us from doing even simple, everyday tasks. As with most things in life, through knowing what you are dealing with, being able to put a name to something and having a plan is a hugely important …

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5 ways to love yourself: Self-care tips from a Physio.

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Are you celebrating Valentine’s day by showing yourself some love this year, too? It’s been roughly six weeks since 2020 rolled in, and many of us rolled out of bed the next day determined in some way or another to treat ourselves and our loved-ones better. While the world gets all cutesy and couples-centric this weekend, why don’t you take a little time to show yourself some love this February?

I’ve had a mastectomy, now what?

I’ve had a mastectomy, now what?

There are countless thoughts running through your head after a mastectomy – the entire process can be quite a daunting experience. Here are some tips that could help you navigate your post-mastectomy gauntlet. 1. Taking pain medication: Don’t be too brave. If you need it, take it. 2. Don’t be scared to ask questions: No question is a silly question, …

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