Back and Neck Assistance Program (BNAP)

Back and neck pain can be debilitating. It can impact on your ability to participate socially, at work or normal daily activities. Medication and other treatments may help but often relief is not for long enough and many people worry that they will eventually need surgery. 
The solution: Workability’s Back and Neck Assistance Program (BNAP)

How much does it cost?

If your medical aid a contract with Workability and you are authorised for the program, then the BNAP program will not cost you anything as the full cost of BNAP is covered by your medical aid and is not taken from your medical aid savings account (T&C apply).

The BNAP program is currently run from:

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What to expect after you apply for BNAP

Step 1:
If you qualify for the program your medical aid funder will follow up the application request with a screening call.

Step 2:
Workability will arrange pre-authorization with your medical aid.

Step 3:
An initial assessment is then arranged by the Workability network physiotherapist in your area.

Step 4:
Receive an active, tailored treatment plan with structured appointments, exercise, and a home routine over a 3-16 week program period. Program length depends on risk stratification at initial assessment.

Step 5:
Follow up calls from your physio to check on your progress after you have completed your program.

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Medical aids that offer BNAP:

  • Wooltru Healthcare
  • Compucare Medical Scheme
  • GEMS
  • BestMed
  • Tiger Brands
  • Polmed


064 847 5756


 021 518 1110



Monday – Friday

7:30am – 4pm