Who is it aimed at?

This program is suitable for any and all beginner runners. As the name suggests “Couch to 5k”, is a program to get you from a standing start, to running 5km over the course of 9 weeks. It’s a wonderful program that eases you into running thus lowering your risk of the common injuries that can plague you when you are starting out.

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What does it cost and what does the cost include?

The cost of signing up for the couch to 5K program is R690 per person. Included in the cost is;

–       a one-on-one FMS assessment with a physio before the program starts or within the first week.

–       a 30min sports massage during the course of the program

–       Feedback, advice and Q&A session with a qualified physio

What is an FMS assessment? 

FMS stands for Functional Movement Screening. This is where we screen individuals for risk of injury and any dysfunctional or performance-limiting movement patterns you may have.  There is a series of 7 tests for the individual to carry out and you obtain a score for each test. The result is a basic understanding of any areas where you might need to increase strength or flexibility to prevent injury. We think this is a good idea when starting an exercise program as we can prevent injuries as much as possible by knowing where our weakness may lie and pre-emptively correcting them.

When does it start?

The couch to 5K program starts on Monday 1st of February and runs for 9 weeks. It requires you to run 3 times a week.

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What will I gain from it?

The end goal is to be able to complete 5km at the end of the 9 weeks. Even more important take homes will be the healthy habits you’ll form over the course of 9 weeks. The physical and psychological benefit of the fresh air, the time spent investing in yourself and the satisfaction of achieving a personal goal so early in 2021. We hope to instill in you a love of running that can motivate you continue with regular exercise through the rest of the year. This is a fantastic, COVID friendly way of investing in your health and wellness this year.

Who will be running the program

HG Physiotherapist Carin Hunter will be hosting the program. She is a practicing physiotherapist at our One Sports and Wellness site. Carin has a special interest in Women’s Health, Sports and Orthopedics. She has completed additional, post graduate studies in all of these fields.

She has run her whole life, but as a young mom of two she has gone through patches where she hasn’t managed to make time for running and I has lost fitness. Carin really understands the struggle of regaining fitness and how demotivating it can be. Her experience is that the best way of achieving your goals is to be answerable to someone, to have a group for support and to have a sense of humour and be able to laugh through the journey.

Carin prefers trail to road running, but says that as long as there is fresh air and she’s moving forward – she is happy!

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How will it be run “online”

On signing up you will be sent the program and a tracking sheet to record your workouts via e-mail.

Before the start of the program we will add you to a whatsapp group where Carin can offer advice and support and answer any questions you may have as you start your running journey.

In different times we would have loved to meet up with you and run together a few times during the program. But safety comes first and we are adapting to take the entire adventure online.

To sign up please complete the form below and we will be in touch to confirm your spot and set up your assessment.