What We Do

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Neck & Back pain

Physiotherapy can assist with both acute and chronic pain, making use of multiple manual therapy modalities as well as exercise therapy and pain neuroscience education.

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Any muscular or joint aches and pains during pregnancy or after giving birth can be addressed through physiotherapy. We can also assist you in hospital after your baby has arrived.

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Respiratory Physiotherapy

Acute and chronic respiratory conditions can be treated using various breathing exercises, postural adjustments and airway clearance techniques. This is both an in and outpatient service.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage can improve circulation, restore range of motion, reduce pain and improve flexibility. All of this aids in muscle recovery post sports.

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Pre & Post Operative Care

We provide physiotherapy on both an in and outpatient basis for a range of surgeries. As well as providing comprehensive pre-operative care to ensure you recover as quickly as possible..

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Overuse Injuries

Whether through sport or long term wear and tear physiotherapy can assist with swelling, pain and weakness. Shockwave therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of multiple chronic and sub-acute conditions.

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Dry Needling

This is the use of filiform hypodermic needles inserted into the muscles in order to provide pain relief and relax muscle spasm. It is a form of evidence-based Western medicine and should not be confused with acupuncture which is a form of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Sports Injuries

From elite athletes to sports enthusiasts, physiotherapy can help with any injuries you may experience. A thorough biomechanical assessment will aid in identifying the causative factors and guiding rehabilitation

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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Where fundamental motor skills such as balance, coordination and core strength are delayed, learning sports skills can be a chore. We develop good motor skills that help children improve postural control, release learning potential and get strong, fit and active.

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Your physiotherapist will prescribe you multiple exercises to assist you to regain mobility and strength. They may also refer you to a member of the multidisciplinary team to achieve this.