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Chris graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2011.  On returning to his native South Africa, he worked in a rural government hospital before serving as the resident physiotherapist at a large Special Needs School. In 2018 he returned to work in the UK for the National Health Service at a Children’s Hospital within the neuro-orthopaedic and oncology teams. Chris joined the HG Physio team in January 2019. 

Chris has a passion for neurological rehabilitation, and especially work within paediatrics. After graduating he spent some time in Kenya volunteering at a school for deaf and physically impaired individuals. This is what initially sparked his special interest in this field and he quickly knew that he had found his calling.

“I approach physiotherapy and rehabilitation with the initial outlook that chronic illness and long-term alterations to physical ability influence individuals and their loved ones in a way that is truly pervasive to all aspects of life. With this said, I aim to approach all patient care and intervention with a more holistic outlook. My approach to treatment is always to provide care and intervention that assists my patients to develop, grow, and learn skills that will improve the quality of life for them and their loved ones.” 

Chris Harrod

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