The International Forum on Elite Sport is being hosted at Prime Human Performance Institute in Durban in August this year, this is the first time the forum will be hosted in Africa. The Forum has been set up to establish communication and collaboration between High Performance Centres around the world. What an exciting opportunity for our health professionals and sportspeople to learn from the best, not to mention the wonderful opportunity for so many people to get to explore our beautiful Durban! August also happens to be National Women’s month and the forum will be dedicating an entire session to women in sport.

Our very own Brendon Goodenough has been selected as the Chairman of the Durban Forum Local Organizing committee, and here’s what he had to say:

” An essential component of developing podium athletes is the development of podium coaches and podium administrators.The Forum will assist with this, giving our local coaches, athletes and administrators access to this international conference and an international network of sports leaders.”

Click here for a sneak peak of what the conference is all about.