Brent Grimsley, one of HG Physio’s directors and a physiotherapist at One Sports and Wellness Hillcrest, has been involved in providing physiotherapy services at the Comrades Marathon for the past 14 years.

In fact, last year, all his hard work and dedication was rewarded with a Long Service Award. This is what Brent had to say regarding “The Ultimate Human Race”: “We organize and manage physiotherapy services for the Comrades Expo, as well as teaming up with ER24 to provide help on race day.

Between the 8 physio stations along the route and the station at the end, there are 20-30 physios willing and ready to help the runners. Whether it be massaging, icing, taping or stretching, we try to help every runner to get to the finish line. It’s always great to see our patients, taking part in the race, running past us, especially if we have helped them get through an injury leading up to the race. It is always a daunting task if you have 36 000 potential legs to rub, but your sore hands and stiff quads from squatting up and down to massage the runners hundreds of times in a day, is all worth it in the end. It is such a privilege to be a part of the largest marathon in the world!