The Comrades Marathon is just under a week away and a lot of our patients are in the final stages of their preparations for the big day. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of the time that you have left.

1. Run less

Most runners have difficulty in tapering down for the Comrades. With training mileage having been very high it feels wrong to be doing so little, especially with a 87km race looming, but the reality is that your body really needs this time to recover and be well prepared for race day.Think in the region of some brisk but not fast 4 – 8km runs early this week then next to nothing from Thursday as you prepare.

2. Sleep more

Most recovery happens when you’re sleeping. Make sure you give your body the best chance of being in the best condition by sleeping well for the week leading up to Comrades. A good sports massage will also assist your muscles with recovery.

3. Stick with what you know

While our bodies need to be well hydrated and fuelled before a long race like the Comrades, don’t eat or drink anything that is radically different from what you are used to. This also applies to shoes, clothing and re-fuelling on race day. 87km of Comrades is not a good place to be testing new things.

4. Make a plan

Spend time looking at the route and course profile to effective plan your race strategy. Be conservative with your planning for the first 65km, especially if you are inexperienced or under-trained. Consider hydration and re-fuelling timing and volumes. Be willing to be flexible on the day if your body decides to do something different to what you had in mind.

5. Don’t be injured

If you are injured or carrying a niggle, this will only get worse over 87km. Do everything you can to be painfree by race day, even if this means that you don’t run at all between now and race day. It is much better to start injury free and less prepared than well prepared with an injury. Come in and see one of our physio’s for advice on how to best manage and support your injury.